Royal Physician Axel Munthe – The Art of Life (Eng)
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Royal Physician Axel Munthe – The Art of Life (Eng)

MasOlle Förlag

Royal Physician Axel Munthe’s art of life is as inspirational today as it was during his productive years a century ago.

In this photo illustrated book we are introduced to the culturally and historically interesting and multifaceted Munthe’s thoughts on the importance of compassion, his modern views on health, his creation of the beautiful Villa San Michele on Capri, Hildasholm and his long time secret relationship with Queen Victoria of Sweden.

Munthe’s adventures, symphatetically retold by Anna Bratenius and accompanied by Susanne Martinelle’s expressive photographs, are here for the first time teamed up with excerpts from Munthe’s world wide bestseller The Story of San Michele and Queen Victoria's own pictures. In addition, we take part of words of wisdom by philosophers appreciated by Munthe, and a few of his favourite recipes.

Anna Bråtenius
Susanne Martinelle

Hardcover, English
200 pages
266 x 240 x 20 mm
Published: 2020
425kr / st.
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